Gas Appliances

The best solutions and products for your home or business

Kitchen Appliances

The ideal solution for kitchens of both homes and restaurants. As they are appliances that work with gas, they give us better performance and allow us to considerably lower the cost of energy, which translates into lower consumption and therefore greater savings.

We have a wide range of hobs, griddles and ovens. Come and visit us at our office where a specialist gas cooker advisor will help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

Hot Water

Gas heaters and boilers. Running on gas, these appliances give you the peace of mind of having unlimited hot water without having to wait for an electric water heater to heat the water. They also allow us to save a large percentage of energy consumption in the home,  since consumption is limited only to when the hot water is actually used.

Outdoor Kitchen

With the K6 bottle, the most versatile and lightweight bottle (weighs 6 kg), you have the capability of making meals outside with total ease. At Costagás we have an extensive catalogue of paella pans, burners, barbecues, portable stoves, etc. so you can enjoy a meal outside wherever you are.

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